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Professional Agile Leadership™ — Essentials

Are you a leader of a transformation? Learn the best way to support the change.


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About training

Professional Agile LeadershipTM (PAL) Essentials is a modular workshop, adaptable up to 2-days in length based on the needs of your organization. The workshop provides a foundation for the role that leaders play in creating the conditions for a successful agile transformation. Leaders and managers are critical enablers in helping their organizations be successful, yet the role of leaders and managers in an agile organization can be quite different from what they are used to. This workshop uses a combination of instruction and team-based exercises to help participants learn how to form and support agile teams to achieve better results, and how to lead the cultural and behavioral changes that organizations must make to reap the benefits of an agile product delivery approach.   To succeed in a changing world, organizations need to become more agile, more responsive to customer needs and market changes. This workshop will equip leaders and managers to help their organizations change by providing participants with: -    An overview of what "Agile" is, why organizations need it to survive and thrive in a changing world, how it works, and how to quantify its benefits from a business perspective -    The means to identify the potential opportunities and impacts of Agile in terms of business value -    An understanding of how Agile addresses the root causes of business uncertainty and IT project failure and/or dissatisfied customers -    The ability to compare and contrast Agile practices with alternative business practices and discuss how Agile fosters a culture of innovation and enhances financial performance -    An understanding of how to help form and support agile teams using an empirical approach to product delivery -    An understanding of typical challenges that agile teams face and how to support them by removing impediments
For whom?
Becoming an agile organization is a profound transformation that requires senior leaders, middle managers, and agile team members to change the way that they organize their work, manage that work, and measure the results of the work. Agile teams cannot do this on their own; they need help from the entire organization. The changes for all involved are profound, but so are the results when everyone's goals and ways of working are aligned.
Examination process

Wszyscy uczestnicy szkolenia mają możliwość darmowego podejścia do egzaminu na certyfikat Professional Agile Leadership I (PAL I). Jeśli uczestnik podejmie tę próbę w ciągu 14 dni od daty zakończenia szkolenia i nie powiedzie mu się, wówczas otrzyma jeszcze jedną darmową szansę.

Egzaminy odbywają się w języku angielskim i przeprowadzane są online na stronach

PMI Personal Development Units
Uczestnicy szkolenia Professional Agile Leadership™ - Essentials, którzy posiadają certyfikat wystawiony przez Project Management Institute (np. PMP®) i chcą go przedłużyć, uzyskują 14 punktów rozwoju personalnego (Personal Development Units, PDU). Punkty zdobywa się za sam udział w szkoleniu, a nie za zdanie egzaminu.
The training takes place in Polish. We organize closed training for the needs of English-speaking groups. The exam takes place in English. During the training, the trainers take care of familiarizing participants with the terminology in English. To take the exam, knowledge of the language at the First Certificate level and language experience in the IT industry are recommended.