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Lean Startup

Use an innovative framework and create a company that will conquer the market!

The training is provided by one of the licensed trainers

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About training

The Lean Startup is a framework for developing businesses and products in risky and uncertain environments. Inspired by Agile Software Development, Lean Management, Design Thinking, and Customer Development it is a simple tool tackling at the same time many aspects of product management. A 2-days Lean Startup workshop will help you to master the basic skills of this method by explaining its elements step by step. At the same time it allows you to work with each of them. Finally, you will you will learn how the Lean Startup works with other agile product development frameworks such as Scrum.

The workshop is conducted by a recognized practitioner with 10+ years of international business experience. This way you will obtain not only new knowledge and skills but also a unique access to case studies and examples of working solutions and their implementations in 4 continents.

Workshop Goals

The main goals of Lean Startup workshop are:

  • getting to know the Lean Startup framework
  • practicing the formulation and testing of business hypothesis
  • presentation of basic metrics of business and product development.

After the workshop, the participant will know:

  • theoretical foundations and elements of the Lean Startup framework
  • types of MVPs and pivots
  • classification of metrics.

After the training the participant will be able to:

  • prepare a business model using the Lean Canvas tool
  • correctly formulate Value Hypothesis ​​and Growth Hypothesis
  • design a hypothesis test using the Test Card tool
  • assign correct metrics to the product life cycle.

Workshop program

  1. Introduction
  2. Lean Startup Foundations
  3. Hypotheses, main hypotheses - formulation and testing
  4. MVP and pivot - types, examples, applications
  5. Metrics and product lifecycle
  6. Summary
For whom?
Lean Startup is mainly dedicated to entrepreneurs in a broad sense of the word. That's why we invite business owners, all product managers, Product Scrum Professionals, as well as traditional project managers who see an opportunity for themselves and their projects in the product-centered approach. Also welcome are analysts and UX designers, agile coaches or Scrum Masters who want to learn about complementary tools for Scrum.
The training takes place in Polish. We organize closed training for the needs of English-speaking groups. The exam takes place in English. During the training, the trainers take care of familiarizing participants with the terminology in English. To take the exam, knowledge of the language at the First Certificate level and language experience in the IT industry are recommended.