Strategic Consulting

Every organization is different. Every has its own needs. We offer strategic consulting in the field of developing successful products using agile approach and the Scrum framework.


Every organization change is a complex and long-term project. Therefore, we need to know you better before we begin. During a reconnaissance of 1-5 days we observe everyday work of your teams and management, we study your organizational culture and get familiar with challenges your company has. This includes:

  • Interviews with employees

  • Organisation structure assessment


All observations and conclusions from the reconnaissance are wrapped up into a formal report which includes our suggestions of possible directions and the next steps in agile adoption.

Change Management Team

No external consultant can change your organization. The change must be carried out from the inside – we can only guide and support you on your way. Change Management Team is a group established from your employees whose task is to lead the agile adoption. This includes:

  • Creating the Organizational Change Vision

  • Work on the Organizational Change Backlog

Tracking the agile adoption using balanced metrics

We would like to have a reference point and full transparency of the effects of the work done. Apart from the Organizational Change Backlog we propose to use a set of tools measuring the agile adoption and documenting your journey towards agile organization.

  • Evidence Based Management metrics


The main body of our work. We encourage you to work in three-month iterations. In collaboration with the Change Management Team we will work to enact agile adoption in your organisation. All actions will be in accordance with the Organizational Change Backlog.

  • Collaboration with the Change Management Team

  • Alignment with the Kotter’s model

  • Supervision

  • Cooperation renewal verification


Every few iterations we perform an additional Verification in the form of a study of the organization culture conducted by our consultants who are not involved in working with your organization on daily basis.


Every organisation reaches its maturity in its own time. Our goal is to guide you to the moment your organization can carry on with the agile adoption on its own. While closing the cooperation we will dedicate a month to finish or delegate ongoing initiatives and transfer necessary know-how.

How can we help you?

Cooperation with Kate Terlecka was a hit. [...] Both training and coaching have built a team competence and foundation for further work under new circumstances.