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Knowledge & experience

We work with Teams, technology and managers. As a team combining professionals of complementary fields we can support all areas in need of attention. We share our knowledge and each of us has the support of experience of all team of experts and consultants. Thanks to this we are able to better understand your needs.

consultants on mutually supportive competences
years of experience

Quick Help

We can help you by facilitating your meetings and team events, giving observations and feedback, or coaching and mentoring. Choose your flavor.

Change Support

We can show You traps waiting ahead and point to the alternative solutions.


No external consultant will do your work for you, but an experienced team of professionals guarantees effectiveness of organizational change.

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Kate Hobler (Terlecka)

Mentor with extraordinary charisma. One of the most experienced experts in Scrum and the first Scaled Professional Scrum Trainer in Poland.

Katarzyna Ziemba

Born Scrum Master, with a huge base of tools and knowledge. Servant leader, tested in the thoughest environment.

Filip Czapeczka

Transition’s leader, specialized in the organizations up to 100 people. Naturally agile, indispensable in the need of urgent decisions.

Małgorzata Cichecka

Office Manager. Invoices? Registrations? Pending doom? Bring them on, she will deal with any dragon you will put before her!

Beata Nowakowska

Special agent for impossible tasks. First Professional Scrum Developer Trainer in Poland and the first woman in the world with such competences!

Paweł Feliński

Sniper with a sharp tongue and excellent analytical skills. Veteran of Lean and agile transformations.

Zespołowo skracamy Twój czas do sukcesu